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I have been in a bit of a photo funk. My favorite film camera broke last year, then my computer died shortly after that. It put a significant pause on all my shooting and think I am out of the habit of searching and finding the light. I decided the best way to fight the funk was to shoot every day. I wanted to push myself a bit, but not put too many qualifications on it.

When looking at my work, I noticed I shoot horizontally most of the time. I wanted to push myself a little bit so I decided to only shoot vertical shots, but I can shoot with any camera, including my iPhone. To be honest, I am pleasantly surprised that I am still doing it. I know it is only January, but I have tried to do a 365 twice before, and I failed both times- and I didn’t make it out of January.

Starting the year on vacation in Joshua Tree helped.

I have taken photos of my everyday.

I have taken photos of my front yard.

And the sky.

I get a few of these, right?

And, of course, my tree that is just beginning to bloom.

Have you ever done a 365? How did you keep at it? I would love it if you have any tips for this beginner.

~Staci Lee


  1. I finished a 365 last year, my only tip is, when all else fails, shoot the cat.

  2. Staci, these are beautiful. I especially like your everyday shots. I envy people who can capture the everyday and make it look so inviting and basically like a piece of art. Good luck with your 365 project.

  3. Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! Prepare to see photographs everywhere! 🙂

    Advice for 365: Don’t stress if you miss a day here or there. C’est la vie!

    Excited to see your photos <3

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