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I’m looking at photos from the last couple of months, and the Christmas holiday seems so long ago already. So long since all the lights and the family festivities, the Lego Christmas trees and the new dinosaurs and assorted other toys.

And yet, when I watch these images again, how quickly the emotions of those days are brought back.

And how long ago it seems since I had the time and spare brainpower – those two are the same things really – to take photos. How long ago it seems since I decided that in the middle of Oslo in winter may not be conventionally beautiful, but I will do my level best to find beauty here anyway.

And yet, when I watch these images again, how quickly I remember how easy it in fact was in those days, when the camera was always in my bag, to find photo opportunities in between everything else going on.

The camera goes back in my bag tonight, ready for another day tomorrow.

All the best from Jenny G.


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