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I’ll admit it. My first inclination is to talk about the weather. “Goodness, weren’t those some thunderstorms we had last night? And the snow – completely gone this early in the season!” So I default back to that standard upper-Midwest weather opener. Because this is all just so much, isn’t it?

Like many of my fellow Viewfinders these past couple of weeks, I have been sitting here trying to figure out what I can say here. This whole business is hard. It’s completely abnormal, it’s tiring, it’s pushing and stretching in ways I never expected, and it is absolutely surreal. So, here we are, friends – showing up for each other. I thought what might be best are some of the things that have been lifting me up a bit.

1. I’ve been diving headlong into this list of photographer biopic/documentary movies and it’s been fantastic. I’m not usually a huge movie person, but getting lost in another world (even a real but different one) has been so good!

2. Gall dang if things aren’t starting to spring-up around here. The budding and sprouting and all that mud make me so glad that if this is happening, at least it’s not the dead of winter. Oh, springtime – thank you, thank you.

3. The shove into online communication has opened up connecting with folks I wouldn’t have really had much connection with even before all of this. Because we’re all Zooming all over the place, doing it with groups we haven’t connected with before suddenly makes sense and is completely amazing.

4. I’ve been really loving trying to document some of the nuances of this whole thing. We’re all at home together for most of the day, most of the days, and getting the relationships with toys, with projects and with each other captured has been a goal for sure.

5. Here in Minnesota we’re in a “stay-at-home” order situation where we’re to limit our away-from-home trips, except that we’re actually encouraged to get out into nature, go for walks, breathe that fresh air. Because of that, we’ve gotten our boots super muddy hiking all over the place. It’s been fantastic.

What are the things that have been lifting your spirits, taking you out of things for a bit, or how are you trying to document these days?

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  1. That first photograph is just….stunning! Spring has indeed sprung! I love the defiant nature of the world – LIFE goes on amidst a global pandemic. Spring is happening regardless. Love the photographs of your kiddos as well. Thanks!

  2. I love how you document your days. In those real life moments I can see such love and hope. And yes, spring is here, we can’t cancel her and she calls to all of us to get out and see what we can find, even if it is just in our own back yards. Thank you so much for this post.

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