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As we continue to stay home and adjust to a new normal, I’m aware of the ebb and flow of emotions. A genuine introvert, I don’t mind being home. I can easily work from here and although our house is not very large, there’s enough room for our family of four. We have lots of books, movies, board games, music, video games, and art supplies. We can bike and walk our neighborhood. We’ve had bonfires in the backyard. I’m grateful. I’m also really anxious. I’ve felt anger and sadness. I struggle with the ambiguity of it all. The waiting is heavy.

Occasionally, the introvert in me feels frustrated by trying to find a quiet space in the house or by so many people walking the sidewalks of our neighborhood. Sometimes it feels like the walls are closing in on me and, in these moments, I miss wandering my city.

Wandering downtown with a camera in hand soothes me. I love the connection. I can breathe.

I like the hum of the city streets. I can lose myself in the sound of traffic and random conversation.

I long for the shadows and light; the architecture and perspective. I long for community and space.

I miss watching stories unfold and wondering about people as they rush past me on the sidewalk.

I’m aware that this is where my mind wanders to these days when I’m feeling most anxious. I’m home, but my head is in the city.

What are you longing for these days besides the essentials? What routine or hobby do you miss? Where does your mind wander? I’m interested and I’m listening.



  1. Such a beautiful post. I felt it in my bones.
    These double exposures are so perfect.

  2. Laura, Like you I miss wandering around the streets of downtown in my small city, camera in hand. I miss the creative inspiration of face-to-face conversations with friends; I miss being part of their lives and having them in mine. And I miss thrift shops and libraries!

  3. LOVE this set so much, Laura! Those double exposures are so good – such depth and so much to discover in them. “Longing” – yes! What a perfect word to encapsulate what many are feeling right now. Thanks!

  4. Laura, these double exposures are amazing. And yes, longing is the perfect word to describe what I feel most of the time. So good! Thank you.

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