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In this strange time of sheltering in place, many of the ways we mark time are gone. No daily commute, less division between time at home and time at work, more fluidity in mealtimes–all of these can make us feel a little less anchored.

So for me, small daily rituals have become more important. With almost no appointments on the calendar and nearly non-existent to-do lists, having some routine to define the time is a must. One such ritual for me (pandemic or not) is making my daily coffee.

My favorite method–at the moment–is pour-over, though we also have French press, AeroPress, and even a basic cappuccino option available. So yes, experimenting with coffee and all the ways to brew it is somewhat of a hobby, but also a practical way enjoy good coffee at home.

The pour-over method forces a little bit of slowing down, while at the same time demanding attention. There’s something comfortable about getting the familiar tools lined up, grinding fresh coffee beans, and the short wait while the kettle boils.

One plus to the wait time is having a few moments available to grab my camera, to play with capturing the various brewing stages. And the northern light in my kitchen draws me in again and again. I move around, searching for new angles, new ways to see these very familiar objects.

The wonderful scent filling the air as I wait, the stillness of the kitchen, the slow drip into the pot, are simple daily pleasures. They anchor me in the moment, awakening all my senses and setting me on a good path for my day.

One day soon, I hope to have the freedom to visit a favorite coffee shop, or to invite a friend here to share a fresh cup alongside a homemade pastry or biscotti. It all sounds so lovely, doesn’t it?

For now, I will content myself with this simple daily ritual. I will stop to notice the light, tend to the peaceful moments, and allow the routine of a normal activity to quiet my mind.

What are some everyday rituals that are keeping you grounded these days? Leave a comment below to let me know!

Stay well, my friends.



  1. What gorgeous light you have in your kitchen! I hear you about the rituals and rhythms. I’ve needed that as well, and some of mine include coffee and early morning 🙂 I’ve also recently gotten into running in the morning. That’s been a joy during this time. Thanks for these lovely images, Leslie.

    • The north light is soft and always makes me want to photograph it. Running in the morning sounds very ambitious! I’m am more of a slow walker myself. 😊

  2. Beautiful photos. I can really feel the slowness and calm of the photos. I also enjoy doing a nice pour-over in the morning. I’m kind of new to the process, so I’ve had fun trying different beans, coffee to water ratio and cream or no cream. Right now, it’s no cream.

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