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As Staci mentioned in this post, these are strange days. The world as we know it is changing and we are slowly adjusting to a new normal. A new normal that is uncertain and unpredictable. A normal that feels like we are living isolated lives away from other necessary (for most of us) human contact and connection.

So how are most of us coping with this new reality? For many of us, it seems that making and sharing images of what our new lives look like now is a way to make sense of it all; a way to find peace of mind and soul, or simply to continue recording life as if this pandemic had never happened.

Again, Staci explained it well in her post: a few years ago, a group of photographer friends got together to record a different hour of the day for a whole year. The project was called The Hours. The old crew got back together and created The Days 2020 on Instagram, as a way to feel less isolated and more connected throughout this trying time.

I have made a collection here of some of my favorite images from my friends in the group. They all contain messages. Important messages that express how we and others are living this situation and messages that convey that we are all in this together.

I do hope you like them and you are excited to follow us or join us on Instagram using the hashtag #thedays2020. Stay safe and healthy, friends. Much love,


Audrey Amaro
Lisa Macintosh
Linda Silva Palleschi
Jacqui Miller
Amy Bader
Deirdre Malfatto
Kirstin McKee
Holly Clark
Erin Perry
Sara Lamp
Ralph Nardell
Staci Lee Kennelly
Jordan Parks
Scout Castoe
Andrea Golden
Jordan Parks

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