For the Time Being

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I’ve chosen to embrace the opportunity during this pandemic to learn new things that may require more imagination and more resourcefulness than I am used to.

I reached out to a fellow photographer-friend, Kate Guy, and proposed a project that would uncover the in-the-moment pieces of our daily lives.

We each took pictures from 8am till 8pm, one per hour, on a single day, treating the mundane aspects of our lives as sacred. The deal was we’d share our images side-by-side and see what we might learn from our time being.

My day began with breakfast, half an overripe banana, and a visit to the doctor’s office for routine blood work. Kate’s day began with morning reading and the routines of a mother with young children, brushing teeth and getting ready for the day.

Her images on the left mine on the right.

We were amazed at how beautifully the images fell into place, marching lockstep throughout the day. It was easy to see the reasons to be happy.

For the time being, while we are mostly still at home, safer there than anywhere else, I’ve found a greater appreciation for life, and growth I did not expect.

Thanks for spending the day with us.

~Donna Hopkins


  1. All of your and Kate’s images go beautifully together. I was recently telling a friend that my photography has become stale lately because all I ever photograph these days are plants in the garden and stuff in the house. Your post goes to show I don’t have to view my photos as stale, I should see them as a moment of “being in time”. Thank you for that inspiration.

    • I feel much the same way, Kiki. I experienced a fair amount of anxiety about this project, worrying what I had gotten myself into! No kids at home these days. No pets. No exotic travels or adventures. What was I thinking? Trying to make pictures of nothing and asking them to carry so much meaning. Honestly, I was surprised when I looked at my day – and delighted to see the rhythm alongside my friends photographs. I was reminded, once again, that it is the making that matters.

  2. This was such a lovely project Donna! I hope to see more. Just catching up on your blog

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