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This will be our backyard summer, meaning we will not be leaving our state of Massachusetts due to Covid.   We are spending this week in a little house nestled in the dunes of Cape Cod, overlooking the National Seashore.  This is the place of my childhood summers and it became my children’s as well. 

circa 2002

Many things have changed here over time, the dunes are worn due to storms, sharks are now our regular summer visitors and whales can be seen occasionally from the shore (I don’t remember seeing them so close, an amazing sight!) And on the negative side, all the effects of covid.

We wear our masks, we social distance, we eat most our meals at home or on the beach. But one thing remains the same and that is our traditional sunrise walks on the beach and I can’t explain how comforting that is for me. I’m finding that as the future looks more and more uncertain, I’m searching to hold on to some pieces of the past.


  1. I am desperate for a view of the sea this summer. Not the same, but nonetheless, thank you for these beautiful ones.

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