love letter to those verona skies

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I probably wouldn’t have noticed you otherwise. But the house sits on a hill, so there you are – unavoidable, vast, and seemingly endless.

Once, the fast-moving clouds, the changing light, and the coming rainstorm combined to produce an other-worldly display.

Even on the quiet evenings, the light left behind by the setting sun reminded me of the beauty found in “ordinary” time and place.

Then there was that day when the whole world shone in golden light, and your clouds danced in the sky.

Every day you reminded me to look again with new eyes, to pay attention, and to let your beauty do its restorative work in me.

Thank you.

-Eyes wide open, Chinwe


  1. watching the sky can be such a grounding and healing experience…which is kind of funny because grounding seems like it ‘should’ be below us…the earth/the ground!…but this is why I love the sky all the more…even stretching out above us, it roots us and keeps us steady.

  2. Restorative is the word ❤️(I don’t know what “ordinary” is anymore)

  3. Stunning series. I would love to see see a book that you create with this theme. Thank you for sharing your art.

  4. These skies are epic, and yet I can’t help but think they are easily overlooked by many who move through the pictured landscape. Their power here feels shared to me – a collaboration with she who viewed them.

    • Such a lovely thought, Deborah. I love that idea – collaborating with the sky. That the “subject” is yielding itself to the viewer, in an act of reciprocation. Love it, and thanks <3

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