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We too are spending the summer holiday in our old haunts. The house in the south by the sea, which my grandparents bought in the 1950s. The house in the country where my partner grew up. And at home in our apartment in the city, playing tourist with visiting relatives and seeing places we rarely go usually.

It seems to be doing me good. While not novel, it’s a change of pace and a change of place and a chance to spend time with family, read books and think about something else than the pandemic.

I have started to look forwards, too, to what will be going on at work this autumn, the curriculum of the courses I will be taking, and the photography work I would like to do.

I suppose this is what it’s like to be entering the new normal. I only hope and pray that we will have time to settle firmly into this new normal, however it will turn out to be.

  • Warm wishes from Jenny G.


  1. So glad that you got to get away a bit, Jenny. And I too feel that pull to try to find my way to new equilibriums until, and with hope, we can resume the old ones. xo

  2. We all need this time away, if only to break from this “new normal” that we seem to be moving towards…

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