Community Post: Holding on to Hope

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Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
~Langston Hughes

Life can be hard, and this year it has felt especially hard. We hang on to our hope so we may thrive and even dream during these hard days.

The community at Viewfinders is sharing what is bringing us to hope during these heavy and unyielding days.

The fact that I continue to wake up every morning gives me hope

Susan Licht

Nature gives me hope.

Lucy Loomis

Flowers give me hope. The way they bloom, no matter what.

Michelle GD

The loving kindness of people gives me hope. They show up and work hard. And in spite of everything, they smile and laugh and share.

Donna Hopkins

My silly baby kitty gives me hope. She wakes up every day carefree and living her best life.

Jenny Wall

The babies and the new parents of today give me hope, hope that they can do what my generation could not.

Cathy Sly

Our teenagers give me hope. They witness what is wrong at the moment and are willing to fight for it.

Maite Pons

The light continues to guide my feelings of hope.


Engaging with beauty always give me hope; whether it’s listening to a wonderful playlist, or simply going on a walk in my neighborhood.


What gives me hope is this happy, little dude. Our new puppy Gibson!


Watching the sunset gives me hope because I know that after a rest, it will rise again.


My kids give me hope. They see endless possibility in the future. They are undaunted. They live in the moment.


I feel hope in the practice of nurturing, in the promise of growth and in the beauty of possibility.


Going out into nature and remembering there is a season for everything gives me hope.

Staci Lee

I’m finding hope in the smiling eyes and the muffled laughter tucked behind those masks.


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