This too Shall Pass

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I’ll be perfectly honest. I have no words. Or rather, I have words, but they’re not the pretty ones I feel like I should be sharing here. I seem to be too consumed by all minutiae going on in my daily life, that it’s hard to separate that from anything else.

Things like our back roof needs replaced, our fridge is dying, the washing machine leaks and the fact that our the trash sits around for weeks on end before being collected, since the city’s sanitation workers are all either out sick or in quarantine due to Covid-19 – which is rather horrifying on so many levels when you think of it.

Did you know that Philadelphia has the highest rodent infestation in the country right now? Worse than either Chicago or New York City. I only know this, because I just booked an exterminator earlier this week.

On every block in my immediate neighborhood, construction consumes every iota of white space. So between dodging overflowing trash cans and recycling bins, there is a constant background noise of jackhammers, compressors and the hammering and pounding of construction equipment.

My mind is buzzing with disbelief, depression, anger, sadness, stress and consignment that there will not be an end, or at least it is when I can hear myself think.

When I told my friend that I have no words except ones to vent because I’m too consumed with all the crap I’m currently dealing with, she agreed, calling the quest for normalcy, “the meditation of not thinking about the damn world on fire,” and I have to agree that she’s right.

It’s not all bad though. Life is actually good, if frustrating at times. It seems that even if my mind has been unable to shut off, my natural inclination to seek out beauty is still going strong – recorded by using my favorite sanity-saving device: my iPhone. I bet you have something similar in your pocket too.

So if you’ve been struggling with putting on a brave face or your mind has been going in circles, I get it. I’m living it too. I think many of us are. I take comfort in venting to my friends (you right here!), our new puppy Gibson (always full of happiness) and capturing grace as it catches my eye even if I don’t seem to appreciate it at all times.

How have you been coping with the daily crazy in your world? Have you been leaning on your iPhone too? I’d love to hear your strategies in comments.

Until next time,
Holly ~ Soupatraveler


  1. Right there with you!! Too much stuff going on around here and in the world. I am not feeling settled. I’m an artist unable to create. The ideas are there but I simply cannot focus. My saving grace- my iPhone. I’m out searching for joy through my lens.
    Thank God for Instagram because I haven’t posted to my blog in a long time.

    • I totally agree! It’s so hard to focus right now to get everything done. I’ve only been sharing in IG stories and am two months behind in posting on my daily photo project IG. We’ll get there soon! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. I admire that you still find the energy and drive to capture grace! I have more time on my hands in these weird times but cannot find the drive to create. All I seem to be taking pictures of lately is plants on the balcony and in the garden. And when I do have ideas of what I want to create and/or shoot, I backtrack and decide I’ll do it another day because time is the one thing I have plenty of after all…

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