Changing Seasons

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I feel like New Year’s Eve was yesterday. I was staying home, watching Star Wars and drinking whiskey from a champagne glass. I had on a 1920s style flapper dress and I was excited. 2020 was going to be THE year. 2019 was bad, we all collectively agreed. We were ALL ready for the new roaring twenties.

I think I blinked. Maybe I hit my head? Suddenly tomorrow is October. How did that happen??

This year has felt like it simultaneously flashed by in a second and also dragged on for an eternity. I remember sad celebrity deaths, I remember thinking World War 3 was starting, I remember wildfires and super sad koala videos! Of course I remember quarantine and daily briefings and everything being closed. I spent my summer staying away from humans and playing Animal Crossing. How is it almost the New Year again?

Even though this year has been absolutely insane, and even though there’s no clear end in sight to the chaos, the changing season brings me hope. Fall is always my favorite and it can easily be enjoyed indoors with warm tea and spooky movies. I can social distance really well in a pumpkin patch. And my mask will keep my face warm when I’m outside so I’m okay with that.

I’ve always believed for every bad thing there is a good thing coming to keep the balance. We have had a whole lot of bad. We are way off balance. That means there must be so much good coming soon. I’m choosing to believe it every day. It is easy to lose hope. I lose hope often but I’m really lucky I always find it again.

I hope everyone is holding on to hope. I hope everyone is finding deep breaths and calm moments. I hope fall brings everyone warm tea, warm faces under masks, and socially distanced pumpkin patches. The balance will come back, good things aren’t gone forever, the changing seasons remind me of that.

Much love,

Jenny Wall


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