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2020 will surely be a year to remember. No need to list all the unfortunate events and emotions that we have witnessed and felt (and the year is not over yet…), but we can all agree it has been a roller coaster ride.

As a teacher, I have had a hard time physically saying goodbye to my class in March and starting the school year again in August without being able to hug them in the mornings when they come in. It’s been traumatic for me emotionally and taken a toll on me physically as well (I’ve lost hair, suffered from shingles, gained a few pounds from stress eating, and cried so, so ,much).

As a result of this, mainly – and many other added reasons -, I have not felt like picking up my camera half as much as I normally do, let alone any of my film cameras. And it makes me so sad it hurts… Don’t get me wrong, I have shot often (after all, #ishooteveryday, right?) but you have to understand I DO shoot almost every day, in normal circumstances. However, apart from my digital camera, I also do use my film cameras very much, especially my beloved Pentax 67ii or my cheap Canon AE1. And I have barely touched those at all this year.

Cathy Sly has a recent post talking about the struggle to pick up a camera lately. Rereading her words gives me hope and the reassurance that I need to be gentle with myself. I will find a way to get to film again. I know I will. But how? I really do not know. Do you all have any ideas? I’d be grateful if you sent some my way.

In the meantime, I look for inspiration in the amazing film community on Twitter (#believeinfilm) and some of my film groups on Facebook. I try to read as much as I can and also make notes on my phone of what I’d like to try to shoot and how to do it. And I wait, for this too shall pass.

Please tell me it will…

Stay safe,



  1. I seldom shoot film, but when I look at photos like these – I want to run right out and stock up on film and start seeing the world with grain and Portra tones. It seems to me that Cathy had it right, when we let go and accept our feelings and where we are, inspiration often circles back around in its own time. Even though I often look outward for inspiration, it is often most powerfully present within. Take a look at your own favorite film shots, I dare you not to be inspired!

    • I think you may be right, Donna…! Just looking at ones I chose for this post makes me want to take some more and newer portraits of them again, for instance.

  2. Maite, these are wonderful and make me want to dig out my old film cameras. And dang, there are days that are just so stressful and leaning to navigate that stress has sadly become our norm. Your photos are always so full of light and beautiful shadows. I find inspiration in the fact that you still #shooteveryday, for there is such beauty in that commitment. xoxox

  3. I’ve recently just got back to shooting film. There are complications so it’s a slow process (living in a village, on an island, 3 hours from the nearest city…) so buying film and having to mail film to be developed is a very slow process. Despite that I’m completely smitten getting back to film. Do I have a suggestion for you? What 2 things do you love most about shooting film? And, based on these lovely images of yours, I also wonder if you might like to do some more portraits of your favourite people? Would that do it?

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