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2020 was the year many of us stayed home. Of course, if we’re lucky, it was also the year we were grateful to have safe homes. I still remember the gradual realization that I would have to work from home for many many more months and that it would be a long time before I saw my office again. I would have to become really familiar with the quality of the light in the kitchen.

I would have to be even more aware and attentive to the uniqueness of the sunsets that close each day.

I had to get comfortable with myself, learn how to sit with my emotions, and learn about myself through the experience.

As the year progressed, and various turmoils erupted, especially over the summer, I realized that I would have to be intentional in finding the Light that always finds its way in the darkness.

I know that many of us are cautious as we face a new year. It’s hard not to be, even though we’ve never known what tomorrow will bring. We’ve never been in control. But as we face each day ahead, I pray for open, brave, and loving hearts.

-Eyes wide open, Chinwe


  1. This entire post is a beautiful meditation on wholeness, where we embrace the messiness and tenderness of being alive. I’m going to bookmark the page and come back to it again and again. Thank you so much!

  2. A beautiful, timely post. Especially need those open, brave and loving hearts after today’s events. Bring on the light!

  3. I agree, we always need to be intentional in finding the light. A lovely post and some really lovely images Chinwe.

  4. If I’m reading it right and we see your progression over time, left to right, in these diptychs, it’s as if I am witness to an inner-peace making or acceptance that came as a result of you working to settle yourself to the conditions.
    All the images are striking and have their beauty, but there’s an almost tangible ease in the second of most of these pairs that stuns me. It’s as if I can feel your calmer breath and exhale through my eyes. Remarkable, Chinwe!

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