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I am thankful that 2020 gave me the opportunity to creatively explore in ways I hadn’t in a long time. The limitations of the year provided a challenge and the hardships provided inspiration. I have often found myself escaping into fantasy worlds and finding real beauty and relief there.

This latest set was done during one of my many insomniac nights. I often turn my stress into creative projects, so when I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t calm myself I switched into a new mode. I pulled lights and backdrops into my bathroom. I ran my tub full of water. I glued on elf ears and I sunk into the tub.

I probably edited until sunrise. And it was a glorious escape.

I am immensely thankful the New Year has arrived, if only for the symbolic motion forward. Sure, everything didn’t change over night but the changing of the calendar allowed me to shift into a mindset of gratitude and reflection.

My heart goes out to everyone who had a hard 2020, to everyone who lost someone, and to everyone who lost themselves. I know we are all holding onto hope for a better 2021. I pray that last year’s hardships will serve to bring a in brighter future. Until then, I’ll be waiting around in my fantasy land.

-Jenny W


  1. Jenny, It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who gets up in the middle of the night to create! And an escape to fantasy land is sometimes just what we need. Here’s to finding our way in 2021!

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