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When the calendar page flips to the month of March, I begin anticipating spring. Here in the Midwest, March–and April–can still feel like winter, but the promise of spring is definitely in the air.

When I look out my window, the view is anything but springlike. The grass is still brown, trees still bare. The yard is muddy from the recent snow that’s finally melted, and the few clouds in the sky are thin and wispy.

But there’s one thing I can do to bring instant springtime into my life: visit the local greenhouse and dream of warm days just around the corner. Stepping into this sun-filled space, surrounded by beautiful, thriving plants, is a balm for my soul.

I must admit, I might be a little ahead of the season in my expectations. This week, there were no bedding plants in sight, no veggies for the garden, but there was still much to enjoy. Wandering slowly in the filtered afternoon light, breathing in the lovely scent of growing things, was uplifting and renewing.

I thoroughly enjoyed browsing each section: tropicals and cacti, planters and pots, early blooming bulbs and countless varieties of succulents. All of it makes me happy any time of year, but especially as the long winter is giving way, slowly, to spring.

Though the threat of cold weather isn’t past, the promise of warm, sunny days keeps me looking forward with eager anticipation! Tell me, how are you preparing for this change of seasons?



    • It’s absolutely one of my favorite places to spend time! Nothing like beautiful plants to lift my spirits.

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