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“When I retire I’ll grow a green thumb

for I love it when Spring finally comes…”

James Fraser

My kids at home and at school have often asked me what my favorite color is and I always choose one randomly because, the truth is, I love all colors. Then, when they ask again and I give them a different color they always protest, “But the other day you said you loved (insert any color)!” I laugh, close my eyes, and do try hard to think of which color I really, really love, but I come up with nothing.

However, I tend to lean towards yellow and the colors that come from yellow, like green and orange. And if I look closer at my photography, I notice that there is a lot of green in my collection. Green pops out often and it may be associated with how much I am in awe of nature.

Also, I was born in March, so I do feel connected in some way to this season and to its staple color. Green is freshness, it is growth, it is energy. It symbolizes fertility and renewal: it is health and life.

March 13 will mark one year of schools closing, sheltering at home, and trying to stay safe in this pandemic. As we move towards vaccinations and the possibility of moving to a different tier and, thus, moving towards some sort of known normality again, the irony is not lost in me that everything is green again.

Green is here to show us a new beginning again. It is a new chapter, new opportunities. It is the planting of new seeds or new layers of healing in our mind and our bodies. It is the chance to renew harmony in our lives.

Let us hope we do find restoration and balance again soon. Until then, breathe in and enjoy all the green you see around you!



  1. Beautiful to read on this rainy morning in Durham, NC. Lovely grouping of photos, some of my favorites from Instagram💚

    • Thank you so much! It was hard to choose which ones to use as I have many favorites too. xo

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