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My favorite camera needs a tune-up. Truth is, it’s probably needed one for a while now, but I’ve been stubborn, reluctant to let it out of my sight. I’ve heard it said that the best camera is the one with you, or something to that effect. In other words, the camera is simply a tool. It’s really the mind and vision behind the lens that truly matters. Sure. I’m more interested in the connection between mind/vision and camera. It’s truly inspiring when you can find the camera that works for you, that even enhances your vision. This has become that camera for me. I love how it lets me see the world. I love how it feels in my hands. I love this camera.

On the occasion of sending it off to get cleaned, I thought I’d look up and share the first roll I ever shot with it almost seven years ago. Not a technically perfect roll, but the beginning of something special for me.

I started at home, of course, trying out the new, heavy camera. Playing with its settings. I was drawn to the light, as I always am. Notice the artistic choice to start shooting before the start of the first full frame 🙂

Next, I went on a walk. I remember wandering into a nearby church, with its ornate interior and gorgeous, low light. I honestly don’t know how I got this exposure, but I can still hear the lovely, loud sound of that shutter curtain. I remember that a man walked up to me and accurately guessed the shutter speed based on the sound 🙂 And so it began, the interaction with strangers that inevitably happens when I’m holding that camera. Love it!

Then I walked towards the water, but not without accidentally tripping the release button! Oops! I would have to figure out how to properly hold it while walking. We’ve gone on oh so many walks since.

Then, finally, into the woods! Again, a setting that would become normal for this camera and I.

It’s going to be hard to be without it while, but I know it’s for the best. Here’s to many more adventures together!

-Eye wide open, Chinwe


  1. Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m having camera envy. Every single one of these images resonates with me. I know it’s not the tool that defines a successful photograph, but there is something to be said for the relationship between the picture-maker and her camera. Kind of like loving to cook with wooden spoons rather than plastic or hanging clothes on a line rather than tossing them in the dryer – the tools can change the entire experience. Right? Really beautiful work. And happy your favorite camera will have the tune-up!

  2. That is the camera of my dreams…someday. I can’t imagine my first shots would look anywhere near as beautiful as these though!

  3. Chinwe, having fairly recently gone back to film, I can relate to this. Silly me, I hadn’t kept any of my film cameras so had to do a little searching and even some bartering, but I got a real beaut. And I love the feel of it in my hands.

    • Hooray for the return to film! I do so love the variety of film cameras, the lovely craftsmanship. Enjoy!

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