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It’s over! Isn’t it?




I made the best of winter. I played in the snow. I appreciated the icy breezes. I looked for beauty in darkness. I drank warm tea. I delighted in warm coats, fuzzy hats, and funny mittens. I frequented these battlefields and soaked in the history with a small taste of the cold, harsh conditions people fought and died in. I did every winter thing I could manage to do during these crazy times.

And now…I’m so glad it’s over.

Goodbye. So long. Don’t come back around again anytime soon.

Winter was a true exercise in mindfulness. Appreciating it does not come naturally for me. I’m a sun girl, a warm-weather girl, a green grass and blue sky kind of girl. Winter is the opposite of everything that makes my flowers bloom.

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer I feel like I can breathe easy again. Loving Spring is easy. Loving Summer is easy. Loving Autumn is so easy. But winter….winter is work.

As this season ends, I feel proud of myself for the emotional work. I was less sad and more grateful. I was less frustrated and more accepting of my hibernation. I reminded myself often that seasons change and that all this discomfort is temporary.

I am grateful for all that winter taught me, and as I reflect it’s a bittersweet ending.

And now excuse me while I change into my spring fashions!

Wishing you warmth and blooming flowers!

Jenny W.


  1. Beautifully written and photographed! And well done on entertaining yourself through winter! Not my favorite season either 🙂

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