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In the times before pandemic-imposed social distancing and stay-at-home orders, I ventured out at least once each week to wander with my camera(s) and a friend or two. These excursions often began with coffee at a local shop, then time to explore whatever area we found ourselves in.

I’m happy to say that those times of meeting up and creating with cameras are back, now that I and most of my friends are fully vaccinated (thank you, science!). And it’s wonderful to find that these outings still provide a much-needed creative boost, as well as lifting my mood–a perfect mental health pick-me-up.

I love exploring the back alleyways and documenting unexpected finds, as well as some wonderful street art. It was fun to get back out recently to see what had changed in certain areas of town.

Not everyone would enjoy these locales, but I find it interesting to look for whimsy and beauty in unexpected places. Like these tiny dancers, carefully placed in an old bathtub planter near a loading dock.

Street art is ever-changing, with new pieces being added or sometimes painted over old ones. “Art alley” is one spot that’s fun to revisit over time to see what’s new.

See that corner in the photo above? That little detail area was new since the last time I’ve walked about here. Taking time for a closer look is always worth it.

I was happy to see “Clouseau” wasn’t entirely erased from this wall (yet).

I was lucky to have a companion on these days of exploring, as well as some sunshine breaking through the gloom from time-to-time.

I’m happy to return to these adventures as we move into the summer months and enjoy new-found freedoms. I hope you find a time of creative refreshment and inspiration, wherever you are right now!



  1. The whole wide world seems new again, doesn’t it?

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