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I see the world in color. I find it so much easier to imagine how my photographs will turn out, how the scene in front of me will translate onto the frame, when I’m shooting in color as opposed to black and white. I rarely shoot in black and white. But I also want to, so I’ve been trying, pushing myself to imagine a different world than the one I see all the time.

Wondering how the shapes and colorful murals would look against the blue sky…

Trying to find and focus on elements other than color…

Hoping to translate something of the beauty in front of me…

Wandered across a field, captured some pools of light with my trusty Holga…

And always trying to see the brightness lurking in the dark. Always.

-Eyes wide open, Chinwe


  1. Gorgeous photos, I love the pure vibes from black and white photography and you captured it perfectly and magically!

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