looking back for hope

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I love to travel, even if it is a simple road trip up the coast. I love to explore, even if it is just the city I live in. I love going on adventures, even to simple make-believe places like Disneyland.

past Disneyland trips

And, I miss all of it. I miss how simple it was to go downtown for happy hour. I miss how easy it was to plan a road trip up the coast. I miss how easily we would go to new places and meet new people and have new experiences.

Happy Hour trip from 2018

I have been cautious about dreaming lately. I am afraid of looking forward and planning adventures. When will we be able to safely and ethically move about the world again?

Family Trip to San Francisco 10 years ago

We have remodeled the family room and added a bar. I was searching through old polaroids to post up on a corkboard and started to remember. I remembered all the adventures. All the fun times together as a family. And while the one thing that is consistent in all those happy memories is that we were together, I remembered how much fun we had out and about on adventures.

road trip up the coast from 2017

Looking back helped me feel all the excitement and happiness of our past adventures. And in feeling all that- my heart was ready to dream again.

Trip to New York from 2018

Keep dreaming,


  1. Thanks for posting these photos and your feelings. I feel so bereft without all the travel and in town eating out, going to hear live music and going to museum events! Your post helped me feel connected❤️

  2. You always make me want to get a Polaroid camera! Haha. These are so lovely. But of course your family adventures are always so full of joy and love. Dreaming along with you! <3

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