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I’m an autumn person. When summer begins to wane, I get excited for the cool crisp air and the changing of the leaves. But this year feels different. I’m feeling an air of melancholy.

I’ve been out and about, taking many pictures but everything I shoot just feels shallow and meaningless in comparison to all that’s going on lately. I’m struggling.

Who knows what the fall will look like for us.

While I’m sure the color will be spectacular here in New England, for now I’m only seeing in monotone.

Just a few random shots…




  1. I’m an autumn person, too. Your post reminds me of an article I read recently about the ‘tyranny of positivity.’ It’s okay that we are struggling with uncertainty, okay that we feel sad – even when others seem to be moving forward. Your path is so beautiful, Susan, even in monotone.

  2. Have i ever mentioned how much I adore the way you see the light? Filtering across the image. I will take it in colour or black and white; I love it all. Much love. x

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