Here Comes the Rain

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We have had two very dry years in California; the drought being most severe in Central and Northern California. This drought has been a contributing factor to our destructive fire season, reservoirs are extremely low, and water supplies are beginning to tighten. We have been told by experts that, sadly, this is our new normal.

And then, last week, music to our ears! The sound of raindrops hitting our roofs and car windows was the best! We all celebrated it on social media and it was all we talked about with our neighbors and coworkers. Californians get really excited when it rains but you have to understand it’s not because we simply love rain, it’s because it is a relief. We get excited because rain puts out our fires and wets the ground for potential fires in October and November, when the wind picks up.

I get especially excited because the rain presents a rare opportunity to shoot some rain images, which I love to do but obviously cannot do very often. Last week’s rainstorm will not end the drought – our state needs more precipitation spread out over longer time – but it makes us Californians hopeful. And it has me dreaming about my next shoot in the rain…

Stay wet,



  1. These photos taken with so much intention bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart! Praying for rain??

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