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I’m told today might be summer’s last stand. With the temperature pushing 80, I can tell you that it certainly feels like it. I’ve been away for most of the past month, so this weekend has been all about catching up. Laundry. Unpacking. Cleaning. Preparing myself to move from one season to the next.

Out back the garden is a bit of a jungle. With all the sunshine pouring in from three directions, I’ve had more growth this year than when we bought this place 17 years ago. Amazing what can happen to a city garden when a neighbor cuts down several trees.

You can tell the garden is changing. Vegetation dying off, blossoms falling, leaves and debris waiting to be cleaned up. Tough little weeds that slipped my notice, flourished while I was away, hopeful for a chance to lay down roots. Yet summer’s last surge also means there are herbs to be harvested and the final blooms to be enjoyed.

I’m changing too. I’m not only ripping out weeds and cleaning up this season’s perennials, I’m weeding out other things in my life too. I’m weeding out my wardrobe, clearing out the basement and replacing bedding and linens.

My photography practice is changing too. I find I’m sharing less and cutting down on time spent on social media. As I result, I find I’m taking less phone photos too. It makes me wonder, what more can I give up in my practice so that it has room to grow into something deeper?

Right now, I’m not sure. For now, cleaning and clearing will do. After all, I’ll need that space to grow, and my windows to be sparkling clean to shed light on what’s to come next.

Until next time,
Holly ~ Soupatraveler


  1. This process of weeding out and re-thinking and shifting . . . I don’t know if it comes as the seasons change or if it comes as we age . . . but it is liberating. My photography practice is changing, too. It’s a beautiful thing to have room to grow. Thank you for this kind reassurance.

  2. This post hits home for me as I’m doing much the same. My life feels like a jungle lately.

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