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Just as it is possible to enjoy great literature without being able to write yourself, a grand, well-tended garden can be appreciated even by people who lack green fingers. And so, despite my best efforts every spring with our own garden, after I have ordered all the plants and dutifully weeded through the slightly warmer months, I find myself giving up on the whole affair. By summertime I’m usually heading off in search of gardens looked after by people who know what they are doing. 

I’ve visited formal gardens in Italy.

La Foce, Tuscany

Bloomsbury gardens.


Wild seaside gardens.

Derek Jarman’s garden, Dungeness

Horticultural centres.

Great Dixter

Piet Oudolf Gardens.

Pensthorpe Natural Park

Grand parks in Paris.

Les Tuileries, Paris

Autumnal gardens.

Waterlane, Walled Garden.

Maybe one year I will get the hang of gardening. But until then I am happy just to appreciate the gardening skills of others, and be amazed.



  1. Gorgeous, all. I always feel like it’s perfectly fine to live vicariously through the beauty others are able to offer us. I still get a thrill out of my lowly home gardens too, even if they can’t compare!

  2. You are speaking directly to my heart with this collection of photographs! Spending time wandering botanical gardens is on my list for every place we travel – and often the actual destination for our travels. I wonder if you are familiar with the book on Botanical Gardens by Samuel Zeller. I think you might just fall in love with his work!

  3. Oh my goodness! These photos fill me up! One day we’ll wander a garden together, until then, these will do. xoxo

  4. Oh these pairings. Thank goodness you visited and captured these gardens as you have. These gardeners appear to know what they’re doing alright but you most certainly know what you’re doing. So beautiful.

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