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Recently, I was invited to join a critique group comprised of local artists. Our first meeting was wonderful and inspired me to wander through my archives of street photography. It’s been awhile and it was lovely to look back while contemplating future projects.

My gravitational pull toward street photography began with a bus stop and quickly became an obsession. Bus stops hold such curiosity for me. Where are people going? Where did they come from? Are they traveling alone? Sometimes it feels vulnerable.

Indianapolis, Indiana digital
Chicago, Illinois digital
Chicago, Illinois 35mm film Fuji 400 Pentax k1000
Indianapolis, Indiana iphone

Lines and reflections have always drawn my eye. Light and shadow everywhere. I find the connection of people to architecture mesmerizing….a heartbeat of sorts.

Indianapolis, Indiana digital
Toronto, Canada digital
Chicago, Illinois iphone
Indianapolis, Indiana 35mm film Kodak Portra 160 Pentax k1000
Toronto, Canada
NYC 35mm film Fuji 400 Pentax k1000

Looking back through these images reminded me of how much joy and delight you can witness in a city. I’m familiar with the saying, “people are the worst.” But also, sometimes people are the best.

NYC 35mm film Kodak 200 Pentax k1000
Chicago, Illinois 35mm film Fuji 400 Pentax k1000

Every so often I stumble into a moment that moves me deeply. It might be the light & shadow or it might be the beauty of someone lost in thought. Maybe it feels like a dream. I try to capture what I’m feeling.

Indianapolis, Indiana 120mm film Diana F+
Indianapolis, Indiana digital
Chicago, Illinois digital

In looking back, I find myself reaching for my camera again…renewed. It’s been a long time since I’ve really considered my work and what it means to me. What do I want to say with my camera? Do I have a series of photos I’d like to continue? Black & White or Color? Film camera or digital? I’m excited for this new critique group and the opportunity to explore new ideas with fellow artists who work in various mediums. Have you ever been part of or considered being part of a critique group? I’d love to hear about it.

~ Laura


  1. Gah! These are just gorgeous, Laura. Classic.
    And what a great opportunity to be involved with a critique group. Enjoy the inspiration and camaraderie…

  2. Incredible images! You have inspired me !

  3. I love this series of images. They should be in a photo book or maybe as a gallery display.
    Yes, ages upon ages ago, I was in two different critique groups — both writing groups. I learned so much from those groups and have never lost what I gleaned from that time. I know this will be a whole new awakening of sorts for you. Enjoy.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Diane! I hope to have as wonderful of experience as you had with your groups. It’s really transformative to consider the work in a new way.

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