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My camera is gathering dust… and the bad part is I haven’t even missed her.

The only art I’ve made lately is the art of the snapshot.

And I think that’s okay?

Ever since I first picked up a camera…roughly 17 years ago… I’ve snapped photos of the mundane moments of my life.

Mundane in the grand scheme of the world… but meaningful to me.

I snap the things that make me happy. I snap the moments when I feel at peace. I snap the things I don’t want to forget (because I have a terrible memory).

A lot of my snaps are my cats… or food… or my legs and feet.

And I often wonder if this counts as photography. It’s a photo. I took it. It means something to me.

But these photos certainly aren’t going to win me any awards. They won’t get me in a gallery or a magazine. They won’t even mean anything to anyone but me.

But at the end of the day what is photography really except a snapshot of a moment of time that meant something to someone?

So yeah. I think this counts.

It might just be my ice-cream. But it counts.

Jenny L.


  1. YES! This has to count because the reasons you give are why I take photos of the everyday, mundane things of life. My adult children and some friends can’t understand, but the photos are for me to enjoy. Thank you,

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