Reading the Light

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For our anniversary this year, my husband and I decided to learn to sail. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do, but this year, we made time for it. It has been wonderful to learn a new skill together.

Sailing is a beautiful art. It is so peaceful and being on the water is truly a gift. One of the key aspects of sailing requires you to be able to read the wind. You have to know the direction the boat is traveling in relation to the wind. Early on, I noticed that my husband could easily determine the points of sail based on the wind. This is critical in sailing.

When I mentioned this to him, he made a connection that really resonated with me.

He said that although reading the wind was definitely a new skill, I just had to look at it like photography.

“You can read the light. You’ll be able to read the wind.”

And in that moment, I knew that he was right.

Photography is simply light. It has taken me many years of practice to learn how to read the light. Many times, I read the light in a room without even noticing it. I’ll walk into a room and immediately notice the shadows, the light source, and begin thinking about how I would compose an image.

Now, I new feel confident in my ability to capture the light.

And as with any new practice, I know that it will take time. Eventually, I will be able to read the wind like I read the light. What a gift it is to learn something new.

Keep reading the light, my friends.



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