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There is a labyrinth at a local garden near my home.  The mindful exercise of walking around its curves brings me such peace and clarity.  With each turn, I will see something new or something  old in a new way. 

I sometimes feel like my photography goes in circles, but I don’t give it the same grace as I do my mind going round and round in the labyrinth.  Until, one day, I took a walk through the labyrinth with my camera.

I took my time.  I got on the ground.

I changed my view while walking in circles. 


It was a beautiful exercise not only for my soul, but for my photographer’s heart. 


I would encourage you to try it. If you don’t have a labyrinth, maybe go to the same place you seem to find yourself when wanting to shoot or even stay home.  See if you can change the way you see the normal and mundane things around you.  Shoot what you love to shoot, but shoot it in five hundred different ways. 



All photos were taken with my Hasselblad 500CM loaded with Fuji Pro 400. Except for the photo of me. That was taken by my lovely husband with his Hasselblad loaded with Kodak Portra 160.


  1. Oh yes! I need to remember to do this. I’m itching to emerge from my winter cocoon and will probably need some prompts to flex those photo muscles.

  2. I love how turning your camera on something routine opens the unexpected. I also like your reminder to capture it in five hundred different ways! Thanks for sharing your lovely images and for the boost of inspiration.

  3. I felt like I went round the labyrinth with you, each new photo a revelation for us both as you saw something afresh and then shared it with me. Beautiful, Staci!

  4. Beautiful photos! I enjoyed the journey! I have a path around a small pond that I walk as frequently as possible and I try to take a different picture each time and find it very challenging. This will motivate me to continue once the weather gets nice enough!

  5. Your pictures are gorgeous. I feel like this lesson applies not only to photography, but life in general. Love this post.

  6. what a beautiful place. I felt a sense of peace as I looked at your images and imagined how this would be, to wonder, get down low and just love the entire experience of it all. I never did finish my 500 views from my bedroom window. I suppose it’s not too late. You see. You have inspired once again. I also very much so love the thought of you looking at the ordinary so differently and that you are not afraid to get your knees dirty in doing so. xo Love your friend T

  7. This is wonderful. I’ve only experienced a labyrinth once before and it was a very sacred moment. Thank you for sharing!

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