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We’re revisiting this post by Anna Gay Leavitt, which was written 9 years ago, in April of 2015. It celebrates the wonder of spring blossoms, and I think after a long gray winter (at least here in the eastern United States), we can all appreciate that! Happy spring!

Holga 120N, Fuji Pro 400H

In the U.S., all 50 of our states have officially unofficial nicknames. For example, California is the Golden State, Kentucky is the Bluegrass State, and my home state of Georgia is the Peach State, even though I’m pretty sure South Carolina and California produce more peaches than we do here in Georgia. Sorry, I’m just splitting hairs here, but I always think about things like this.

Either way, though, I’ve always been enthralled with blossoming trees, particularly cherry and peach trees. This time every year, I cycle through just about every camera I can get my hands on – digital, 35mm, iPhone, medium format, instant film, you name it – because I simply cannot resist photographing the blossoms. Every. Single. Year.

Holga 120N, Fuji Pro 400H
Holga 120N, Fuji Pro 400H

You would think that I would get tired of doing this, right? After 8 years or so and thousands of images later, no way! I will continue to do this every year, and I will continue to use a multitude of cameras to do it. I simply just enjoy seeing what things look like when photographed.

Fuji Instax with Diana F+ back
Fuji Instax with Diana F+ back

Do you have something that you photograph over and over, every year? Or every day? I think we all have our little obsessions. Mine is blossoms. And cameras!



  1. These are beautiful and it reminds me of the almond orchards behind my house in college. I especially like the instax shots!

  2. These are divine, especially the Holga images for me. They capture that hazy, not quite real feeling of being in the middle of sea of blossoms.

  3. Yep. I’m over hear waiting for our annual Tulip Festival and for my favourite pink magnolias to bloom! Can’t get enough. And those Holga images have stolen my heart this morning.

  4. So beautiful Anna. I love to shoot old keys and old silver utensils I seem to be collecting!

  5. Anna, I am in LOVE with every single one of these shots! And yes! I do the same thing, in my garden and in my neighborhood, year after year. I can’t wait to see which (if any) of my irises bloom and then I shoot the helloutta them!

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