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I am absolutely thrilled to be here, in this space and writing as part of this collaborative project with so many women whose work I so admire and whose friendship I cherish. When we were brainstorming around what we wanted to do with this site and what we wanted ViewFinders to be the word Community was one that came up regularly, to the point that we incorporated it in Our Manifesto:


If you are reading this, we are very grateful to have you as part of our ViewFinders community. We look forward to reading your comments on this site and we would be thrilled if you wanted to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook. Perhaps most of all though, we hope that you will become part of the Viewfinders Instagram community.

When we were envisioning this site we talked about how to make this community not just about us, as in the ViewFinders regular contributors, but about US, as in all those of us who love the art and practice of making photographs in all of its wonderful, gratifying, terrifying, frustrating, couldn’t-love-it-more glory. It’s with that in mind that we look to Instagram as a platform for sharing, engaging and communing together. We hope you’ll share your images with us on Instagram using the #viewfindersio hashtag AND by tagging us (@viewfinders_io) either in the image or in a comment. We’ll be highlighting some of our favourites from the #viewfinders on our account.

We also want to host community-member Takeovers of the ViewFinders Instagram account. Are you familiar with Instagram Takeovers? Every so often we would like to invite one of you to take over posting to the ViewFinders Instagram for one week. Would you like to share your view and viewpoint with this community? Well, you’re in luck because the first takeover opportunity is happening soon and here’s how you can get in on it:

I can’t wait to see your images and how you interpret Our Manifesto. See you on Instagram.



  1. You just summed up everything I love (and sometimes hate) about photography in one line: “…making photographs in all of its wonderful, gratifying, terrifying, frustrating, couldn’t-love-it-more glory”. So glad to be part of this community.

    • Me too! (and if I remember correctly, this photo was taken at breakfast just before we headed off uptown to meet up with YOU!)

    • YES! So looking forward to the goodness to come in that hashtag!

    • Yes! And thanks. I love having friends like our Meghan Davidson who respond without blinking when I bark out things like “stick your hand in the shot”!

  2. I wouldn’t be able to call myself a photographer today were it not for the online community I have found. So excited to be part of growing this new one to nurture and support others.
    And I was to eat everything in that top image!

    • Me too! That shot is actually from brunch in NYC with some of my strongest photography community supports. Fat Radish. It all tasted amazing!

  3. I’m right there with you – there’s no way I would have even survived my first two years with a camera if it weren’t for the support of an online community.

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