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At the end of November, I was lamenting the fact that I hadn’t really been spending much time taking photos. I mean, I would take a photo here and there, but it wasn’t very intentional and I rarely shared them anymore. It made me sad to think that something I love so much was becoming a chore.

So I made up my mind to start up a daily practice again for the month of December. I would shoot and post something on my Instagram account everyday that month. Getting back into the swing of things took a bit, but once I had posted for the first 10 days, I started to get into a rhythm. It was nice to be creating again.

When December came to a close I felt a sense of accomplishment and a little bit of heartache because I wasn’t quite ready to quit just yet. So I kept going.

And then January turned into February and I’m still at it. Mostly, I’ve been using my phone to take and edit pictures. It’s nice to be able to have my camera in my pocket and not worry about carrying my heavy gear all the time. If I keep going, maybe I’ll break out my big camera some, too. I know it’s feeling lonely tucked in the bag under my desk.

As far as Instagram is concerned, I don’t worry too much about doing all the things I’m *supposed* to do. I don’t usually tag anyone, I don’t spend any thought on hashtags – heck, I rarely even use them anymore- but it doesn’t matter. I’m not creating for an audience, I’m posting mainly to keep everything in one place and to hold myself accountable.

Who knows how long I’ll keep this up. I’m just taking it one day and one photo at a time.

On the daily ~ Angie

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  1. I always enjoy seeing what you are up to. This is fab!
    I’ve started using the Journal App to hold myself accountable. Whatever works, eh?

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