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My husband and I were recently watching Green Planet (David Attenborough, you global treasure, you), and were commenting on really how incredible this blue marble we call home is. The plants, flowers, trees, vines, roots, and on that are featured in the show completely blew us away.

I have a tendency to get a bit jaded. We live in a pretty typical suburb. We have a lawn full of regular old grass, there are maples and oaks and pines around our neighborhood. We have hostas and ferns in our yard. The milkweed is slowly working its way in (and I’m so fine with that). There is a poppy plant that I adore, but other than that I’m a pretty laissez faire gardener. I kind of just don’t care a whole lot. 

This show, though, got me thinking that maybe what I perceive as my very boring normal suburban yard is actually dang pretty. So I went on a couple of hunts – in my archives and in my yard. You know what I found? This regular-old place has a fair bit of magic in it too. 

So, here’s to trying to keep seeing the magic in the everyday.

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  1. Such a beautiful reminder, complemented by such beautiful images.

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