Flickr and The Love of Color//Colour

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During these long and dreary months of winter, I’ve been thinking about all of the things that carry us through to Springtime. Artwork, photography, books, hiking, candles, movies, music, friendship, and fresh flowers are all lifelines for me in the depths of winter.

Before all of the current social media options, we had Flickr. We had community and friendship bound by curiosity, art, and photography. In the dreary dark of winter, we had a week of Color//Colour with fellow flickr photographers Xanthe Berkeley and Hula Seventy. Do any of you remember this? I do. I LOVED For the Love of Color//Colour!! There was a build up to the week that was filled with joy and anticipation. A schedule was posted in advance with the color to search for each day. We’d go out into the world looking for the Color of the Day to photograph and upload to our respective Flickr pages. It was such a fun activity that brought us together and made the winter months a little more bearable. I miss the simplicity of those days.

And so in the spirit of all things color in this cold, dark winter, I’ve channeled those nostalgic days and set out to find all the color!

Color found around the city:

Color found on the trail:

Color found at cocktail hour:

Color found outside the classrooms:

And when in doubt, color I created myself at home with my beloved Instax Square:

Are any of you old Flickr friends? What carries you through these winter months? Where have you found color?

~ Laura


  1. Oh I miss Flickr so! I got hacked out of my account around the time that Flickr was on the downturn but I visit it once in awhile for the memories. Love the color!

  2. Yes, yes, and yes!! My favorite thing to photograph after light and shadow. Love them but my favorite one is the color outside the classroom πŸ™‚

  3. Flickr was a very special place and I miss it. I was just starting out with photography and I learnt so much from Flickr, it inspired me to look πŸ‘€ really properly look at the world around me.

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