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As autumn draws to a close I find myself thinking about light. Sometimes, when the Norwegian winter is at its darkest, I envy anyone living further south than I do, because surely everyone else enjoys bright, happy sunlight while I am stuck in perpetual gloom.

Envy is a very unproductive emotion. It may seem like everyone but me has perfect light, but really there is no such thing, because light is only as perfect as you make it. Sure I don’t have constant Mediterranean sunlight – or a studio in which to create my own light conditions – but what do I have?

I have moody, foggy autumn light on my way home from work. jennygr-imperfectlight-fog

Fiery sunsets in our neighbourhood.

Hard-edged light on my stove; a far cry from the vintage / shabby chic look that is so popular for food shots these days, but why copy a style even if you love it?

Low light casting long shadows. jennygr-imperfectlight-shadow

Bright, strong light that makes me toss aside all the so-called rules and savour the most exquisite sunflares and overexposures. jennygr-imperfectlight-strong

Soft morning light through my window that begs to be captured out of focus, and who cares about getting a subject actually in focus in such a case? jennygr-imperfectlight-bokeh

The list grows surprisingly long, and there are lessons to be learned here, of gratitude, and acceptance, but what I most of all want to come away with today is how liberating it feels to throw to the winds all thoughts of perfection, envy and lust for the lives of others, and just – simply have fun.

~Jenny G.


  1. Yes, fun is what it’s all about! It’s easy to forget how to play. I’m always looking at the light around me and I love the way you’ve captured it in so many ways.

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