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I’m not all here right now. Usually when I sit down to write for Viewfinders, I approach the computer with focus and purpose and a post that’s already been written and edited in my head and the words just flow.

Not today. I’m prepping for a winter storm that seems determined to live up to its “Storm of the Century” hype. I’m actually writing days in advance of my post date, unheard of for me, because with over two feet of heavy snow headed our way, there’s a good chance that we’ll lose power and if I delay writing, I won’t be able to post at all. We’ve had plenty of time to prepare so we are well stocked with all of the necessaries: milk, bread, toilet paper, propane for the grill, wine, baking supplies, the cars have full tanks of gas, and we’ve got an enormous stack of fresh books from the library. There’s nothing really to do now but wait for snow.

Still, in full storm prep mode, I find my brain will not quiet to focus on photography and writing. It keeps wandering off on me. Generally, I’m a huge fan of wandering. I love setting off without a destination in mind, literally or figuratively, taking my turns depending upon what looks or feels interesting and seeing where I end up. Most of my favorite photos, favorite photo-making experiences, and best ideas have been the result of a proper wander. Right now, however, I’m finding it quite inconvenient. Rather than fight it, I’ve decided to go with it, and so I’m sharing some photos from my last proper wander, taken earlier this fall on a very cold day in Washington D.C.

I had spotted a super-block under construction weeks earlier on my way out of the city, and was unable to stop and explore it at the time. A super block is a massive re-development project where most of a city block is demolished and redesigned. Sometimes, if there’s anything of historical significance, a facade here or there may be preserved, but for all intents and purposes, the history of a city block is completely erased and reimagined. It seemed as though an arts group had gotten access to the deconstruction, and had made an already interesting urban excavation even curiouser. I wasn’t sure exactly where it was, and I had no idea what state the site would be in if I found it, but I did know its general direction. I plugged an address into my phone and wandered, on foot, through a part of the city that I usually see from a car window.

Along the way I happened across a really cool alley that seemed to span Washington’s past and present and hint at the future.

1 26 16 post
1 26 16 post-5
1 26 16 post-2
I walked on and the eyes were a sign that I was getting closer.

1 26 16 post-3

My destination – definitely worth the walk and the cold.

1 26 16 post-7
1 26 16 post-8
The moral of my meandering post: it’s wonderful to have a goal in mind, but always remember to enjoy the wander.

1 26 16 post-4
1 26 16 post-6

No more waiting. Our snow has arrived! Stay warm and dry friends, and always keep your eyes wide open,






    • It’s mutual dear. And I do look forward to the time we get to do this side-by-side and compare. Some day!

  1. Oh, big yes for this message. Love seeing your city- it feels a little like LA.

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