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The Groundhog didn’t see his shadow this year. In a week we’ll hit daylight savings, and our days will stretch to extra innings. I have a reputation for never wanting to jinx things by letting anyone call it too early in my earshot, but it’s undeniable this year. Spring has arrived.

I noticed the first of the daffodils, plum blossoms, and hyacinths last week coming in fast on the heels of our shoulder season crocuses.

My heart is usually so light when I catch these early blooms poking up out of dormant beds. No matter the weight I am carrying, the color and the activity of spring can be always counted upon to lift me up a little.

So far, not now. Not this year. I remain utterly blue. I wish that I could say otherwise, or that I could find a better angle, or a more positive perspective for you, and for myself. But my mood resists spin.

It’s deeply, profoundly and thoroughly blue.


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