An Accidental Series

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I just finished teaching a class called “Fostering Inspiration & Project Creation” through the Colorado Photographic Arts Center and one of the topics we discussed was going back through your work and doing some investigation.  I  wanted the students to look carefully at things they’d already created to see if they might find any themes or colors or perspectives that they were routinely shooting without really knowing it.  In the spirit of the lesson, I, too, took a walk through my years and years of Flickr history and discovered, (rather embarrassingly) that I appear to have a fascination with feet.  I tell you truthfully that I do NOT particularly like feet, and still it seems that I find myself shooting images at ground level on a regular basis.

Maybe it’s because I was too lazy to carry my tripod into a dark setting? 

Maybe I thought that a different perspective was warranted? 

Maybe I was already seated on the ground and this vantage point was what I was truly seeing?

It doesn’t really matter the why – I know that I’ll continue to do it now, if only to continue the series.  Have you ever noticed that you capture the same vantage point or scene?  Do you find a color popping up throughout your work when you look at it as a whole?  It’s fun to notice and I’d love to hear what you find.

Here’s to happy accidents! – Angie



  1. I love this! The image at the bowling alley is classic! Were you ever part of Bench Monday? It’s so much fun to carry on a series like that. I’m going to think of this while we’re on spring break and play little with it!

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