Color or Black and White?

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Many photographer friends have often asked me why I don’t shoot very much black and white. I have always wondered that myself, as I am fascinated by many of the monochrome images that they create. 

Maybe it’s because I simply don’t see the appeal in images that are devoid of color, or I might be afraid that my images might lose the power or pop that color gives them. Who knows… The fact is, I haven’t learned to appreciate it the way this medium probably deserves.

However, this summer I popped in some Agfa XP 100 and some Ilford Delta 100 into my camera and was curious to see the results. When I got my scans back, not only was I pleased, I was beyond excited to try some more! I loved the contrast, the textures… And that light! 

 I suppose it’s just a question of practicing it more and learning to appreciate it and I will surely do that from now on. My goal for this school year is to throw in a roll of black and white film for every three that I shoot in color – let’s see how it goes!

And you, what do you prefer, color or black and white? Leave me some comments, I’ll be curious to know what you think.



  1. I’m all about colour but lately I’ve been dabbling with black and white as well, and it’s also made me eager to try more 🙂 Just finished a roll of T-Max 400!

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