the gray season

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This time of year I find I often capture the world in black and white to highlight the lack of color in the landscape. Four years ago in 2020, just moments after the world shut down, I took a walk on a bright sunny day on the mostly empty streets of Wellfleet here on Cape Cod, and found lots of black and white inspiration. You can see those images here.

This past January it seemed like the sun had hidden for good. The days were mostly gray, rainy, stormy, and damp. But it didn’t keep me inside completely — I ventured out to walk the blustery trails near my house, and see what the gray season would offer up. Here’s what I found.

No matter what the weather, there’s always something just waiting to be photographed.

xoxo lucy


  1. Oooh, so many beautiful textures and lines despite the dark mood…

  2. Thanks for the reminder – I needed that <3 Gorgeous, crisp images, beautifully seen.

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