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In Black and White, Inspiration
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I started off the year shooting in black and white, and for some reason I have continued in that vein into February. There’s something about the abstract, stark quality of the images I’m making that attracts me in a new way.

I took a photowalk in Wellfleet last weekend, and the bright midday sun, frigid air, and classic Cape Cod scenes asked to be captured in black and white.

Have you been seeing in black and white lately? Share links to your images in the comments.

Peace! –lucy


  1. Dear lucy,
    Love your black&white! With so much red going on, February is the perfect month for it?xox

  2. Lucy, I love the starkness of these photos. The image with the lace curtain is particularly stunning, you captured every detail! I can almost feel the soft cotton between between my fingertips.

  3. I always resolve to shoot more b/w then I give up. It’s so difficult! To me, anyway. Your images are inspiring.

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