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Every New Year’s day, my husband Dan and I take a hike at one of the many amazing trails here on Cape Cod. It’s a way to celebrate the beauty that surrounds us, and also to get the new year started off right. Some years we’ve taken easy trails thorough the woods, or a boardwalk trail in the cedar swamp. One year we hiked out along the frozen jetty in Provincetown in zero degree weather to the far tip of the Cape — we definitely deserved the warming food and drink we enjoyed at Napi’s Restaurant later that afternoon.

This year we changed it up a bit, and visited Dan’s daughters who live in the Portsmouth, New Hampshire area, and they took us to the Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge. We hiked through 4-6 inches of packed snow, which was challenging (except for those smart people who brought snowshoes or cross-country skis). But the snow held some some magical treasures we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Do you take a New Year’s hike to start your year off on a positive note? Or maybe you have other New Year’s day rituals. Share your favorites in the comments, and happy 2020!

Much love.



  1. Lucy, I always enjoy your photographs, and these of your hike are wonderful. My husband and I follow the same tradition, it’s such a good way to begin the new year!

  2. I love these black and white images in the snow. We have a new tradition of getting out of town for the weekend. It was lovely.

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