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When I think of the seasons, they each have their own color palette. Fall is warm tones of brown, orange, yellow. Winter is white, grey, blue. Spring is pastels and greens. And summer is a riot of the brightest colors on the color wheel, complimentary and clashing, dazzling the senses.

But sometimes it’s fun to see the seasons anew. This summer the gardens and fields of Cape Cod have been bursting with color, everything lush and eye-catching. And I’ve taken many photos of those bold colors, capturing them to be enjoyed again in the depths of winter.

But sometimes I’m just drawn in by form, contrast, and details that lend themselves to black and white. As followers of ViewFinders know, I return to black and white when I need to clear my head, change my routine, and see the world in a different way.

Here’s what I’m seeing this summer:

Happy August!

More soon. –lucy


  1. These are lovely, Lucy.
    Yes to black and white being a great way to clear one’s head and see in new ways.

  2. Love your images, Lucy. I think that often B&W can evoke atmosphere more effectively than color.

  3. This whole series looks like an exhibit ready for a gallery wall! Black and white has a way of unifying images seamlessly. I love the look!

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