A Christmas Carol

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Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is one of my favorite Christmas stories. Although it was intended to serve as a mirror of the social, political, and economical turbulence of the time, it is also, among many more themes, a story about transformation, change, family, memories…

It is one of my favorites because it is also an ode to the idea of keeping the spirit Christmas alive. Christmas is the time to love and rejoice, to be generous, compassionate and kind, to be with family and friends. In other words, to be socially conscious about our loved ones and our neighbors in our community. 

I believe Dickens meant to instill these values not only in the Christmas season but also all year round. By learning from our memories, we can be converted into empathic and conscious members of our community. That is what will make the change in us happen. This what the Christmas miracle is. 

As I sit thinking about this story, I can’t help but think how pertinent this Victorian tale still is at this specific moment in time. And about all the different ways we can avoid becoming Scrooges in our world today. 

I also think about how my experiences and memories have affected the way I am connected with my loved ones. How do my daily behaviors and traditions reflect my family’s values? What is my family’s role in our community, not only now but all year round? Will my children keep our memories, values and traditions alive in their grownup life? Will they make a change…?

I leave you with this food for thought and with some images of Christmas Past and Present. As far as Christmas Future, the best is Yet-to-Come.

Happy holidays,



  1. As the mother of grown children, two of them married now. It does warm my heart when I see our traditions combined with their wive’s traditions. Also, your photos are so wonderful and full of Christmas cheer!

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