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…All great photographs today are snapshots.

Martin Munkacsi

It seems the only photographs I’m taking these days are snapshots. And I’m okay with that. Life chugging on in my day-to-day. Me snapping off photos here and there.

Walking home from parking the car, a shop cat kneading biscuits in faux snow at the garden center.

Can you belive I found a round of soap taken from a cruise ship from over twenty years ago? A last-minute vacation with a friend who’d inherited vouchers on the Love Boat…what a great time! I even took a roll of slide film with me!

Last night’s sausages while the “boys” offered their own version of quality control. I couldn’t resist, texting the grill photo to my husband who’s back home in Philly. “keep an eye on those sausages” he responded.

Our first sprinkling of snow in the garden last week. Mom deep in a book. “Just a few more pages and I’ll be at a good stopping point,” she said, so of course, I snapped a picture. I sent her the Outlander series during covid, and we’ve been bonding over these books ever since. This is her second time reading the series. We keep everything crossed that Diana Gabaldon lives another 20+ years to keep telling the story!

A stray cat on our walk. Prime rib and waffles from today’s brunch. The waffles were light and crispy with chocolate butter, a decadent add-on I couldn’t resist.

And fun with the “boys” after decorating my parents’ tree! Despite the smiles, they weren’t too pleased to be my subject in the moment, but they certainly loved the reward afterwards. Maybe one of these will end up on next year’s Christmas card. You never know.

So now you know what I’ve been doing, in between wrapping up my last shoots for the year. The world feels crazy, and I really need to stop scouring the news each night before bed–a terrible habit I’ve fallen into that’s not conducive to quality sleep–but life marches on.

I bet your snapshots are full of interesting stories too. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a round of soap from a cruise you took in your 20s on a whim, or some other momento, you’d forgotten you’d stashed away for your older self to laugh over too.

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  1. Seeing the world through your eyes always makes me smile. Thank you so much for sharing these images. And doesn’t that cat look like one of ours?

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