My Dad’s Brownie Starflash

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I have put my postings on my usual social media places on pause. I feel such a heavy sadness at the state of the world. And so, here I am again struggling for a topic, struggling for words.

I am simply going to leave you with a few photos that I have taken with my Dad’s old Kodak Brownie. I have photos of myself, with my Mom, that he took with the Brownie, but only faint memories of him actually using it. My Mom, who never threw anything away, kept the camera after my Dad died and a few years later I brought it to Canada. I have only ever shot two rolls of film with it. On both occasions I felt his presence as I held the camera in my hands. It was as unsettling as it was lovely.

Here are photos from my second roll of 127 black and white film. The camera is not the easiest to use, with its teensy viewfinder and lack of control over focus, so they are not my best shots ever, but of course, that wasn’t the point anyway.

I hope you all have a lovely end of December, with those you love close by, whether in person or because you keep them close to your heart. As I do, with my Dad.


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