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I’ve been trying to get myself into some semblance of a routine over the last few weeks. I have online classes to put together for my high school students and distance learning to facilitate for my own children, so it’s not like there isn’t plenty to do. But I’m finding that I’m lacking focus and I’m floating between tasks without completing them. My friend who’s very wise and knowledgable about these things says that it’s totally normal to feel this way during times of uncertainty. So instead of beating myself up about it, I’m trying to embrace it by creating small habits to purposely break up my tasks. (Habit, coincidentally, is my word of the year for 2020.) Here are a few habits that are helping me keep on track:

Walks with my husband on a nearby trail.

View from the trail

Yoga through Zoom with my favorite teachers and friends near and far.

Online Yoga with Big Power Yoga

Getting out my camera to play with settings and features.

Bracketing my exposures and using HDR conversion in Photoshop

Daily editing of photos in my backlog of images from abandoned projects.

On the Fence series

What habits are you cultivating to help yourself manage this time?

Finding comfort in the habits – Angie

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  1. LOVE those big, open skies! You’re so lucky to live somewhere with such expansive views. One of my habits these days is a daily walk or run. Definitely very thankful for a healthy body. Take care, Angie.

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