Lomo Purple: Part 2

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In my previous post I shared images from a roll of Lomo Purple shot in my garden last summer. Those hazy purple to magenta to fuchsia flowers, butterflies, and bees were all made with a 3x closeup lens. The images I’m sharing today are all from that same roll, but they appear quite different.

Greens and blues go full sci-fi on Lomo Purple, so I thought I’d try to photograph an outsized,  otherworldly growth of kudzu that’s tempted me for a number of years. The property on which this wild border stands was recently sold to developers, and I wouldn’t bet on these giant formations standing tall again next summer. It’s a good thing I caught them when I did. My goal was to emphasize and exaggerate, their massive scale. So, of course, I pocketed the close-up filter.

Filters might not make a ton of sense when you shoot digital. Just change your lens, rather than shoot through what is likely inferior glass. But when you are locked into one lens for 36 frames of a less than all-purpose film, they offer useful flexibility.

It’s remarkable to me how different these photos look and feel from those I shared with you December. Had I not made them myself, I might find it hard to believe that all of them came from the same roll. But they did, honest.

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  1. I just bought a roll of this film in 35mm. Excited to try it!

  2. SO good. But you know I’m in love with your flowers from the previous post…

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